portable Crafty Vaporizer Review
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Crafty Vaporizer Review

A vaporizer is an instrument used to vaporize the active ingredients in herbs and other such substance which is used for inhalation. A vaporizer is generally used for vaporizing herbs like cannabis, tobacco and nicotine. Apart from this, it also used to vaporize other substances.

The Crafty is a portable vaporizer designed by Storz and Bickel. It is said to integrate many of the advanced cutting edge technology that helps you in enhancing your vaporization experience. The manufacturer of this product is the same who simultaneously produced the Volcano Vaporizer, Plenty Vaporizer as well as the mighty portable Vaporizer and who are known to use top quality material in making their products highly durable.

Crafty Vaporizer – Features

1. Vapor Quality and Density

The vapor quality of Crafty is unmatchable when it comes to density, aroma and purity. Its effective vapor production system has surpassed all expectations in terms of vapor quality.

2. Ease of Use

The looks and design as well as the ease of portability has made this product rank extremely high in terms of overall quality. In fact, even a beginner can use it for the first time without facing absolutely any issues. This is not the same with most of the vaporizers available in the market.

3. Size

The Crafty is the smallest S&B vaporizer available in the market. With the dimensions of 11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm and weighing 0.3 lbs (135 gm), it is not hard to say that it makes it easy to carry around. But it does have some bulkiness to it. Nonetheless it is easy to clean and use. The exterior of the vaporizer is made up of plastic but its quality exhibits it as a well-developed German engineering product.

4. Accessories and Filling Aid

The attachments that come with it include a brush, a grinder, some sealing rings and a filling device. The filling aid is attached to the top of the vaporizer making it super convenient for putting in the herbs without fear of spilling.

5. Charging

The Crafty can be charged using a mains adapter or a USB. The Lithium ion rechargeable battery that comes with it takes around 2 hours to fully charge. The vaporizer can be used only when it’s at least 20% charged (after being fully discharged). If continuously used, it lasts up to 45 minutes. When it comes to usage in sessions, it can be used for around 4 sessions. This is one of its downsides.

The battery life is average with continuous usage. That means that it is definitely not the best vaporizer available in the market. In fact, the new Firefly 2 has considerably much better battery life than Crafty.

6. Temperature Settings of the Vaporizer:

There are two temperature options available with Crafty-

  • DEFAULT – Set at 356 F
  • BOOST – Set at 383 F

Both of these settings can be manually adjusted anywhere between 104 F and 410 F. Upon usage, it is found that the vaporizer takes around two minutes to heat up to the temperature of 365 F which isn’t the fastest if compared to others. But it does maintain the same temperature for long with continuous usage. Also, a vibration feature is available that alerts you when the vaporizer heats up to the specified temperature which definitely acts as a good reminder.

Crafty Vaporizer Review

How to Use Crafty Vaporizer?

It is started by pressing an orange button on its side which turns on a Red LED light in the base that indicates that the product has started heating up to its set temperature. It lets a double vibration when it reaches the set temperature thereby turning the LED green. Press the ON button or start using it within 60 seconds of its charging otherwise it starts to power down.

Crafty’s chamber can hold 0.2 gm of ground herb. Don’t over pack the chamber because it might increase its draw resistance. However, some people can manage to pour up to 0.3 gm of finely grinded herbs.

The results, however, do not vary on the amount of herbs that you use.

The cooling unit on the top manages to cool it to an appropriate temperature before it hits your mouth only up to a certain temperature. It does not work that well when the set temperature of the vaporizer is quite high.

Vapor at Default Setting

The vapors at 180 degrees Fahrenheit are light but dense and flavorsome. At around 195 degrees, it gets finer and still cool as well as flavorsome. This vaporizer produces one of the finest qualities of vapors compared to any other product in the market.

Smartphone App

The Crafty can be easily managed using an app that can be connected to the vaporizer through Bluetooth. Through this remote-controlled app, you can do the following functions:

  • Change the temperature settings – The temperature of the vaporizer can be increased by 15 degrees every time you double press the ON button.
  • The Default and Boost settings can be altered using the app.
  • The remaining battery status can be seen through the Smartphone.
  • The vibration function as well as the alarm function can be turned On or OFF through the app.

The app can be downloaded directly from the Google store or the Apple Store (iPhone 4S or higher) when you scan the QR code off the product.

Cleaning Procedure

It is recommended that Crafty should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned and not just a quick wipe with some alcohol. First of all, remove the cooling unit as you would while removing it for filling. Then the mouthpiece should be worked back and forth to remove the socket off the vaporizer. Also make sure that you don’t misplace its tiny sealing ring.

Open the caplock by pulling it forward and flicking it up with the help of your fingernails. This will remove the cap of the cooling unit off of its base. Then remove the large as well the small sealing rings. Brush all the bits properly making sure that it’s free of all the tiny crumbs. Then soak it in alcohol or soapy water (Lukewarm) for a few minutes.

Once dry, reassemble all the bits and pieces in the reverse order.

It might seem very annoying to a few of you but the fact cannot be ruled out that it is necessary to clean up all the accumulated gunk thoroughly to make sure that the vapor quality does not degrade with time.

Crafty portable Vaporizer Review

Is the product fragile?

Yes, the product is fragile considering all the assembling and dismantling you have to do to clean it up. You might even fear losing some of its pieces every time you clean it. Hence, make sure that all of the cleaning is done with great care.

Crafty Vaporizer – Warranty

The Crafty comes with only 2 year warranty which is very less compared to the other products within the similar price range that have a warranty of up to 10 years. Also, the warranty covers the defected material or poor craftsmanship. This is another downside of this product. But given the manufacturers are trustworthy; the product might turn out to be very durable.

Crafty Vs Other Portable Vaporizers

  1. Vapor Quality – Crafty is the best when it all comes down to vapor quality. If you are someone who is going to make the most of it on the go and who will be able to carry it along all the time easily (considering its dimensions), then this is the product for you.
  2. Price Point – If your pocket allows you to buy Crafty, go for it. If not (as it isn’t the cheapest), you might want to try out the Pax. It is considerably smaller in size as well as cheaper than Crafty. Another option for cheap vaporizer is Arizer Solo. It might not have the best vapor quality and it is definitely not portable or easy to carry around, but will definitely fit your budget.

Crafty Vaporizer vs Mighty: Which one is better?

Crafty Vaporizer Vs Mighty

Storz and Bickel have managed to create not one but two high quality vaporizers. Most of the features as you will see from the comparison below are similar in one way or another. The differences are very minute and that is where the choices of the consumers will lie. Based on this comparison, the customer can easily select which of the two will suit best for them depending on their needs.

  1. Vapor Quality – This is one feature that is common to both the vaporizers – both deliver the best quality vapor in the market, better than all desktop vaporizers.
  2. Overall Quality – Both the vaporizers share the same core technologies and outer packaging. So more or less, the quality of both of them is great and not much can be differentiated between them regarding this feature.
  3. Size– In terms of size, Mighty is bigger than Crafty. Mighty even cannot be considered a pocket sized vape. It is more of home or travel based vaporizer unlike Crafty that can be easily popped inside your pocket or a small purse. Crafty is easy to carry on an everyday basis.
  4. Battery Life – Due to bigger size, Mighty has almost the double battery life of Crafty. Mighty has a battery life of 90 minutes as compared to 45 minutes life of Crafty. Both have the feature of auto-shutoff after a few minutes of inactivity.
  5. Plugging – Mighty can be used directly after plugging it into charging after its battery has completely drained. This is not the case with Crafty. You have to wait for some time till the battery status of Crafty reaches to about 20% to use it.
  6. USB Charging – Crafty comes in with the feature of charging via USB cable. Mighty, however, cannot be charged with a USB.
  7. Smartphone App – To make the handling easier, Crafty comes with a Smartphone app that lets you control its features wirelessly. Be it the temperature or vibration settings, everything can be done through the app. This app is not available for Mighty. You will have to control its settings through its digital panel. Crafty also has LED indictors unlike Mighty.
  8. Stability – The Mighty is more stable than Crafty due to its flat bottom.

Overall speaking, Mighty feels a bit clumsy to use once you get the hang of using Crafty. But due to its battery life, it might be a better choice for you if you don’t need to carry around your vaporizer all the time. Mighty can be carried in a backpack or an overcoat if you have it one with

Should I buy Crafty Vaporizer?

The answer to this question totally depends on your preferences. If you wish to own a vaporizer with the latest cutting edge features embedded in it,

Crafty is currently the highest rated vaporizer available in the market. The battery life and the warranty may not be what you expected but the ease of carrying it around is definitely an advantage. It allows you carry it directly in your pockets and not worry about a backpack or a bag to carry it around. Also the USB charging option lets to charge your vaporizer almost anywhere possible considering you have access to electricity, not to forget the fact that the battery packs for Crafty is available at dirt cheap prices online.

The feature of using it only with a minimum of 20% charging is also limiting for most of the people unlike Mighty that can be used immediately after plugging it into charging.

The maintenance of Crafty is definitely time consuming but necessary to keep up with its vapor quality. It can be seen as important by some and tacky and difficult by others who wish to keep it short and simple.

The vapor might be of unmatched quality. But the newer Firefly 2 available in the market has definitely a better taste than Crafty.

Considering the overall design, Crafty is definitely slightly more handy and easier to use.

Crafty Vaporizer – Price

The Crafty portable vaporizer is available for $339 at VapeWorld. This is an authorized dealer of Crafty and it also has the facility of overnight shipping when you buy a vape from them. Also, most of the times, they have a coupon or a deal available that helps you getting this product at the cheapest price.

Crafty Vaporizer in its circle is one of the most reliable, reasonable and efficient vape to use.

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