Firefly 2 portable Vaporizer review
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Want to Enjoy Vaping? Check out the Ultimate Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review!

Firefly Vapors, a San Francisco company had earlier given us Firefly, a vaporizer that was very much appreciated by the vaping enthusiasts. The product had a lot of attractive features like quick heating and low maintenance. Recently, the company has also released a second product, the Firefly 2. Although the earlier product was not bad, the new edition has even advanced features. The Firefly 2 has a much longer battery life as compared to the Firefly, making it easier to carry around. It also heats up rather quickly, much faster than its predecessor and gives consistent flavor from the first to last drag. The product has a sleek and stylish finish, thereby also making it some kind of an accessory. This firefly 2 vaporizer review will cover all the features and specifications that you definitely need to know before buying this product.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Product Details

The vaporizer comes with a tag of $329.95 with a two-year warranty and is great for vaporizing anything from herds to concentrates. The product is loaded with quite a number of functionalities for its price. The long battery life and multiple options for heating make the product more reliable when carried outdoors. This latest edition by the Firefly Vapors has already been making it huge in the market, but if you are looking for a more reliable firefly 2 vaporizer review, then this article may just help you.

The Firefly 2 uses convection heating and is perfect for short and quick vaping. It offers a great vaping experience even when used with a comparatively smaller amount of filling. You will also not have to deal with unburnt residues left inside the vaping bowl. The vaporizer has a sturdy built. So even with little maintenance, it can give you quite a good lasting. It does not require frequent cleaning and will do just fine on being washed after about 25 vapes. You may, however, have to deal with a little bit of damp formation on the windows. So if you want to, you may clean it more frequently as this will not affect the performance or the battery life of the vaporizer. Since the bowl does not come with a screen, the cleaning is completely hassle-free. All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. This will clear away all the grime and stains. Wipe the cover and the case and you are good to go. This will hardly even take a minute. So when it comes to the ease of use, Firefly may top the list of vaporizers.

Firefly 2 vaporizer review
Various Firefly 2 Vaporizer with Colors

What is Included in Firefly 2 Vaporizer?

If you are a vaping enthusiast, then you will probably know that the vaping accessories are as much important as the vaporizer itself. You will be glad to know that Firefly 2 comes with all the necessary equipment in its pack. Amongst other accessories, the pack will consist of two interchangeable batteries. You may put one battery to charge while using the other. This is probably one of the best features as very few other vaporizers can offer you the same. Firefly Vapors surely have paid attention to the consumer demands this time. Apart from this, will get a cleaning kit consisting of a multisided brush, two sword tools and isopropyl wipes, a USB charging dock, and 3 concentrated packs.


Although it cannot be denied that there are other vaporizers much better than the Firefly 2, the many interesting features like small size, quick heating, and minimum smell makes it better than average. The advanced engineering combined with compact packing and a wiser use of space has made Firefly 2 much smaller as compared to the Firefly. Instead of a stainless steel body, it uses a magnesium alloy body, thus making it 33% smaller and 55 % lighter than its precursor. The firefly 2 may now be placed on a par with the Crafty vaporizer and the Air vaporizer.

It has an aggregate of 6 different heating options to choose from. You may go for 340, 360, 380, 400 and 420 Fahrenheit depending on the type of herb to be used, or if you are not the one to frequently with heat settings, then you can also have it fixed at 500 Fahrenheit. This setting is best suited for concentrates. The bowl is made of borosilicate glass and uses a 50-watt heater, which can increase the temperature up to 400 Fahrenheit in just 3 seconds. Even if you are using it at 500 Fahrenheit, you will not have to wait longer than 5 seconds. Apart from providing even heating, there is an added benefit to using borosilicate glass. It keeps the heat induction to a minimum, thus preventing the body from getting scalding hot. You can easily hold it without burning your fingers, even with prolonged use.

This model also allows a better air flow as it has 55 air holes at the bottom of the borosilicate bowl. The airflow can also be adjusted, thus making it suitable for light vapers as well as deep inhalers. The herbs get heated only when you are using it, thus elongating the battery life. Without having to worry about wasting your battery, you can break your session as much as you like and enjoy your vape leisurely.

When you press the heating switch, the vaporizer gives a soft glow just like the Firefly. This makes it look rather attractive, especially when you are using it in a dimly lit room. If you are not very much appreciative of the light, covering with your fingers will completely block the light.

If at any point in time you feel that the vaporizer is not closing properly, and you are nowhere near your cleaning kit, just scrape the inside of the borosilicate glass. This will do the job for you without forming any scratches.

Firefly 2 portable Vaporizer
Firefly 2 Vaporizer Unboxing


You can connect the vaporizer to your android or apple handset via blue tooth. The device can then be synchronized with the handset using an application. This will allow you to control the temperature and herb settings and also check the battery life of the vaporizer. This feature will also allow you to update your device whenever the Firefly Vapors make any new upgradations.

The earlier Firefly vaporizer was perfect in all ways except for its poor vaporizer. It had a very quick battery usage, even on short sessions, thus making it necessary to change the battery every now and then. This, however, has been attended to in the Firefly 2. The improved engineering has made drastic changes, giving the vaporizer a very long battery life with less than average battery degradation. Unlike the Firefly, this vaporizer can be used for as many as 6 bowls of dry herb, without having to go for a battery change. The battery life is slightly shorter while using concentrates.

The batteries take 50 minutes to get fully charged, with 80% getting charged within the first 20 minutes. The efficient charging, consistent vape, and prolonged battery life will leave you with hardly anything to complain about the vaporizer.

Efforts have been made to keep this Firefly 2 vaporizer review as bias-free as possible. Narrowing down to the specifics, you will have the following pros and cons about the product.


  • Offers smooth and consistent vaping with herbs as well as concentrates.
  • It can be efficiently alternated between short and long vaping sessions.
  • Efficient battery charging and excellent battery life.
  • Sleek design and lightweight, making it convenient to carry around.
  • Can be synchronized with a handset application.
  • Interchangeable batteries


  • Expensive than most other vaporizers.
  • Requires frequent stirring for consistent output.
  • The bowl holds smaller quantities than most other vaporizers, thus the need to refill it more frequently.
  • The body can get easily scratched, which will ultimately reduce the charm of the device.
  • Beginners may have difficulty in getting used to the product.

Firefly 2 vs Pax 2 Vaporizer

First of all, Pax has been in the vaporizer business for nearly a decade and Firefly is just on the rise. Just as there have been many upgradations to the Firefly 2, Pax 2 has also been thoroughly improved, with many new features. When both of these products are to be weighed together, one may say that Firefly is excellent for longer sessions of high density vaping while Pax 2 is better appreciated for its small size and high-quality vapors.

Although both of these vaporizers are portable, the Firefly 2 is definitely bigger than Pax 2 and this is greatly due to the convection heating system used by the former. As mentioned in the preceding section of this Firefly 2 vaporizer review, Firefly 2 has swappable li-ion batteries. So you may charge one while using the other. Pax 2 on the other has irremovable batteries. That can, however, be charged via the USB slots. On continuous use, Pax 2 will last 70 minutes while the Firefly 2 barely lasts 50 minutes. In that case, Pax 2 may be the winner. However, the Firefly is unbeatable when it comes to heating. By the time the Pax 2 heats up, you will already have finished your drag with firefly 2.

When it comes to cleaning, both hold the same favor. Firefly 2 cleaning is very fast and hassle-free and so is cleaning Pax 2. In fact, there has been a lot of upgradations on Pax 2 and it can go for long periods without any cleaning.

pax 2 Vs Firefly 2 vaporizer Infographic

Firefly 2 Vaporizer vs Pax 3

Pax 3 is mainly appreciated for its small and efficient size, which makes it very easy to hold and use. It also comes in a range of metallic shades with a polished finish, thus making it look very classy. Pax 3 can hold more herbs, thus making it slightly larger than Pax 2. One end of the vaporizer has a magnetic lid while the other end has an opening for a mouthpiece. You can pick from a wide range of mouthpieces depending on your choice. The device gives you high-quality tender vapors which are thoroughly enjoyable.

Moving on to the Firefly 2 review, the first thing that needs mention is that you can almost take a drag as soon as you light it on. This gives it an edge over not only Pax 3 but also most other vaporizers out there in the market. It can reach temperatures of up to 400 Fahrenheit within just 3 seconds. This is due to the use of borosilicate glass bowl and convection heating. The vaporizer also comes in a catchy bag with compartments for all the accessories. This makes it more convenient, especially during travel.firefly 2 vs firefly vs pax 2 vs pax 3

Firefly Vaporizer vs Firefly 2

It would be unwise to end this Firefly vaporizer review without a comparison of the product with its predecessor and why the Firefly 2 is much better than its precursor. The major difference between the two may be their battery life. On a comparative basis, Firefly 2 is 100 % better than Firefly. Despite the efficiency of the batteries as mentioned in the firefly vaporizer manual, it didn’t actually stand up to the promise and was indeed criticized very much for its quick battery consumption, making it almost impossible to use for long vaping sessions. After the upgradations, you can now have up to 45 minutes of constant long draw vaping.

Although there has been a slight improvement in the heating time, this hardly needs attention because even the Firefly had great heating. However, the good news is that there have been additions to the heating options. The new Firefly 2 comes with 6 different heating options, thus giving the best vaping experience with all sorts of herbs and concentrates.

The firefly 2 is almost half the size of Firefly and is almost 55% lighter. It also gives a better performance with concentrates. Although concentrates can be used at the fixed setting of 500 Fahrenheit, changing the settings may give better vapor. Last but not the least, Firefly 2 looks much sleeker and classier when compared to Firefly.

Final Verdict

Of all the things included in this Firefly 2 vaporizer review, one thing still needs mention. The vaporizer produces dense as well as cool fumes. So, irrespective of the temperature that you have set it on, you will be able to inhale without hurting your throat. The battery, the design, the quick heating, all make Firefly 2 a must try for all vaping enthusiasts.

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