Laser Treatment to Quit Smoking

Addiction to cigarettes and the nicotine contained in them make it very hard to stop the habit of smoking even though almost everyone is aware of their danger to his health. Laser treatment is one of the methods of helping people stop smoking. In the last few years, this method has become better known by people. You can establish a healthier life style along with a plan to deal with your smoking habit and eventually eliminate smoking by this stop smoking laser therapy.

How Laser Treatment to Quit Smoking Works?

A method of treatment similar to acupuncture is used with laser therapy to help a smoker quit, without using all the needles. Using the laser treatment method, there is very little pain or burns because of the extremely low power used. It is possible to eliminate the smoking urge of most tobacco users and stop smoking after two or three treatments of a low level laser according to the practitioners using laser therapy.

When laser therapy, also termed as cold laser therapy is used, it stimulates endorphins by concentrating the low-level lasers to certain areas of the body. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, as well as pain, can be reduced by the endorphins as they help to relax the patient. The laser treatment, in releasing the endorphins, can minimize the nicotine cravings for approximately three days after the treatment; however, during this time the smokers must be strong as the most difficult time of withdrawal will occur. Certain areas of the body are targeted during the process of the laser treatment. Certain areas of the face, ears, and wrist are the primary areas of laser application.

Laser Treatment to Quit Smoking

How to Choose the Right Laser Therapy to Stop Smoking?

It can be very expensive to obtain this type of laser therapy treatment. It would be wise to shop around and compare the costs of some laser therapy clinics before making a commitment. The cost of the laser therapy treatment may be covered by some insurance programs. Also, one should expect the practitioner to suggest behavioral therapy, because this is critical to assuring that the person eliminated the smoking habit completely.

If a person has unsuccessfully attempted other stop smoking treatments, it could be beneficial to try the stop smoking laser therapy treatment as there are few to no harmful side effects.

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