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Do We Really Need Stats on Our Vaping Habits?

Vaping has now become a popular choice amongst smokers and non-smokers worldwide. The reason is very simple – it promises to be an alternative to smoking that can prove to be really harmful to one’s health and finances and is often considered as a technique that can help smokers quit smoking gradually. Obviously, health conscious people who are eager to get out of the addictive grips of smoking have switched over to vaping as it provides an experience quite similar to smoking, but without the side-effects.

However, too much anything can be quite harmful to you and the same stands true for vaping as well. Just because it’s vaping and not smoking, you cannot do it all day long without any ill-effects. This is because too much of vaping is injurious to your health as well as can cause a pocket pinch. So, naturally, when you have taken over to vaping, you have to make sure that you vape in a controlled manner and not make it an addiction, quite like your smoking habit.

How to Control Vaping Habits?

If you have had a habit of smoking ten cigarettes per day, make sure that you do not take more than ten puffs a day when vaping. This is a start. Then, make up your mind to gradually reduce the puff count with every passing week or so and in a couple of months, you will find that your body is no longer craving for the nicotine flavor like before. If you want, you can give up the habit completely or if you want to continue just for the sake of it, you will need no more than one or two puffs per day, which would indeed be a commendable achievement, provided that you have been an addictive chain smoker.

If you are just an occasional smoker and have taken up vaping just to eliminate all risks of cigarette smoking, then make sure that you keep your puff count equal to the number of cigarettes you smoked. Do not ever increase the count just because vaping isn’t that harmful.

If you have a habit of smoking dry weed or herbs, take note of the fact that vaping offers a better intake of the cannabinoids than smoking. So, you will need to reduce the amount of dry herbs that you use for each puff or you may be subjected to more terpenoids and cannabinoids than you need and the benefits of these ingredients may be outweighed by the ill effects.

Take Help of Technology to Control Vaping Habits

To make it easier for the users to monitor and control their vaping habits, manufacturers of vaping devices came up with several unique ideas. Initially, models of vape pens that came with puff counters were launched in the market. With this counter built into your vape pen, you could easily calculate how many puffs you took and use the day by day data to create a vaping chart that would suit you.

Not only that, further advancements in the vape pens, you can now get more detailed data related to your vaping like the resistances and voltages that you used for each puff, per day puff counter, etc. Moreover, vape pens can now be connected to your laptop or PC to provide you a variety of information acquired and analyzed by software built specially for this purpose. You can get to know the total usage time of the vape pen, energy consumption, temperature warnings, etc. and the software can also provide you with a detailed report on the impact of vaping on your health based on the data collected per week or per month. Naturally, if you change your vaping habits, you will get to know what effect (good or bad) it will have on your body.

Is it useful?

how to control vaping habits

Over the last few years, brands of vape devices have tried their level best to introduce features that will help them stay ahead of their competitors and the addition of these features to the vape pens have been a part of this effort. The one and only goal are to entice the customers to buy pens of a particular brand or model that offers a lot of these so-called features. But as a customer, you need to understand whether these features are at all beneficial to you or are they simply a gimmick to fool users.

When you first get to know that you can buy a vape pen that keeps a track of even the small bit of information related to your vaping habit and also generates monthly or weekly reports, you may feel super excited about it and want to opt for it. You will ignore the high price as well as other factors that are a must-have for your pen and fall for that particular model.

But when you give it a thought, you will realize that not all information that you get is necessary. For example, the resistance and voltage data that you get. If you are quite used to vaping, you sure do have an idea of what resistance can be reached for a certain temperature that you set for your vape pen. There is no need of an additional feature to tell you that. Quite same with the puff counter. Regular vapers will know how many puffs will a tank or refill last and seeing the level of the liquid, the number of puffs can be approximately determined.

Also, the health reports generated aren’t comprehensive and cannot be considered as an alternative to what your actual medical reports say. So, you will need to visit a doctor after all.


If you are completely new to the world of vaping, knowing the statistics about your vaping habits may be useful to you in understanding what you are putting your body through, but for pro vapers, the stats aren’t much useful given the fact that they can draw these simple conclusions all by themselves. So, do not fall for the fad and end up spending dollars unnecessarily.

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