smoking vs vaping
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Smoking vs. Vaping

Long gone are the days when marijuana or weed was associated only with substance abuse and addiction, and anyone found using it was considered a criminal to be punished under the laws of the court. Marijuana has now come to be regarded as useful by millions of health experts and physicians across the world and countries and states have started legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Though the change has not taken place throughout the world and anti-drug activists are still large in the media, yet there is no way to ignore the fact that the number of regular weed users has increased worldwide and that doesn’t include those who are addicted to the use of weed, but those that take it for health related benefits.

But when it comes to consumption of weed, there are two common ways to do so – roll a joint and smoke it or put it in a vaporizer and vape it. Though smoking weed is the oldest and easiest technique to take in marijuana, it isn’t necessarily the best method. Researches and studies have proved that vaping weed eliminates the various disadvantages of smoking weed and at the same time, ensures enhanced health benefits of the plant.

Which is Better – Smoking or Vaping?

Unless you are planning to consume marijuana just to show off or appear to be a hipster, you sure do want to maximize the benefits that you get out of the buds/flowers of the marijuana plant, and nothing does it better than vaping. Let us consider a few things that will help you understand better:

smoking vs vaping1. Smoking is bad

Weed may have health benefits, but when you burn the buds during smoking, you not only kill off good components, but also produce harmful by-products that can actually cause you harm. It has been proven via studies that smoking is not good for health in any way, even if that means smoking something that has good qualities. By-products like carcinogens and tar that are formed due to the burning of marijuana may lead to lung diseases, bronchitis, etc. – symptoms very similar to smoking cigarettes, indicating that smoking isn’t a good way to consume weed.

That’s exactly where vaping comes in. During vaping, the flowers do not burn at full speed. Instead, they are mildly heated up so that they give up the essence contained in them in the form of vapor and this vapor is, then, inhaled by the vaper. Benefit? Well, you get to take in the cannabinoids and terpenoids, which can improve your health, while filtering out most of other harmful products. So, score one to vaping.

2. Ease of use

With strict laws on ‘No smoking’ in the public zone, it would become difficult for you to take in weed if you plan to smoke it. On the other hand, there are no such bans or prohibitions on vaping because you do not emit obnoxious smoke and affect the others. Naturally, it is much easier to vape in public places than smoking, and if you have been suggested by the doctor to take in weed at regular intervals, vaping would prove much more convenient to you as you do not need to find a ‘Smoking zone’ to have your dosage of weed.

Moreover, the vaping pens that are generally used for the purpose are nifty and handy items and usually come with One-touch buttons for the best experience. There is no need to be a gadget expert to know how to use one and eventually, you will find using one saves more time and effort than rolling perfect joints.

3. Discretion

Everyone may not be too eager to show off that they consume weed. Whether that be due to societal pressure or due to your personal choice, with vaping you can totally eliminate the problem. Unlike smoking that sends of swirls of smoke and that too, of a joint, vaping is usually done via a small vaping pen that not only comes in a sleek pen-like form but also emits no smoke and a very faint smell. Obviously, chances are very less that anyone would identify you as a weed user unless they are in a very close range. So, you can continue to smoke freely without any hesitation.

4. Quality and flavor

When you burn the flowers (during smoking), a lot of smoke is generated and that is usually inhaled by the smoker, along with the good components of marijuana. Naturally, the effects of weed that your body actually gets aren’t quite the thing that you would want. But not so with vaping. When you vape, about 95% less smoke is generated and your body gets a good supply of terpenoids and cannabinoids – something that you do actually need from marijuana.

Not only that, the slow process of heating that happens during heating helps you get quality elements, it also helps in the gradual release of the flavors from the bud/flower that can actually help you relax more as well as get you acquainted to the best that the plant has to offer.

5. Cost effective

Marijuana may have become legal in several parts of the world, but it sure doesn’t come cheap. So, you would want to get the best out of each flower that you buy and vaping allows you to do that exactly. When you vape, you need a lesser amount of weed than for smoking to get the same benefits. Naturally, you save every time you smoke and if you need/want to continue long term, you could really benefit from the savings.

Though vaping is far better than smoking weed, you need to be sure that you buy good quality vape pens and not the very cheap Chinese ones that produce harmful gasses when heated too high. The choice of the vaping device is very important as a well-manufactured, high-quality product will allow you to get better health benefits than smoking weed can give you. Do not hesitate to make a small investment initially and it will surely pay off in the future.

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