Conduction or Convection
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Which Vaporizer to Choose: Conduction or Convection?

There has been a lot of rumors about the vaporizers about which one to chose, which one is good for health and experts are still trying to figure out what is best for people who use portable vaporizers. There are mainly 2 types of vaporizers available in the market the conduction and the convection, but there is a 3rd type as well, which is known to be combustion and the test results really do not suggest to use those vaporizers. But before jumping into any conclusion you need to know which is what and which one is actually good out of these 3 vaporizers.


Well, if you go by the term, it is not really vaping. Yes! It is true that most of the e-cigs that tend to claim to be a vaporizer, they just combust the herb. And there are quite a few popular names in that list. If you dig a bit deeper, it becomes relatively easier to understand why this can’t be taken into account as vaping. Well, these vape pens normally just expose the herb to heat well beyond 450 F which is created by flame, sometimes and it obviously burns the herbs which are why this is not really any different from the normal pipes. The only thing that can save you from using this is a filter of the glass screen. This can, well, protect the herbs from getting into contact with the coil or the flame and thereby it does not create the effect of the herbs being toasted.


Conduction is a method of heating the herbs the right way. In this method, the herbs are kept away from the actual heat and are kept on a surface that heats up and produces the vape but at the correct temperature between 450 and 350 F. Well, a vape pen which uses a filter might prevent the herbs from getting in contact with the heating coil instead it will heat up itself and heat the herbs to produce the vape. The filter may get heated to the right temperature in just 25 secs max. It might not give you the best result but surely can protect you from having to smoke rather than vaping.

Whereas this might be a solution to vaping properly, but there are vape pens already in the market, which uses this method to good effect to produce actual vape without using the filter. In these devices, you will just need to fill the chamber with herb and in 30 secs you can inhale the vape. You can also set your temperature according to your need. Changing the temperature will ensure the quality of the vape that you will inhale.

Conduction or Convection Vaporizer


The last and probably the most useful of the methods is the convection. In this method, hot air is used to heat the herb and get the vape out of it. If you start to inhale slowly while the coil heats up, the hot air will automatically heat up the herb and will release the vapor. In general, the nonportable vaporizers use the convection method of heating. These devices have water just beneath the herb chamber and it heats up the air, in turn, the hot air heats the herb and you get the vapor. You can also control your settings for the perfect amount of vape that you need. The only problem with these devices is that you cannot use it anywhere you want. Another problem that may arise is the issue with the filter. If you unable to set the filter at the correct height and it falls on the coil, you can surely short circuit your device and this can ruin your battery for sure.

Pros of using conduction method

  • The devices are meant to be cheap and less complicated to use.
  • The device works faster as it heats up quite easily.

Cons of using the condution method

  • These devices still have the risk of combustion
  • You need to stir or shake the herbs while you are inhaling
  • These are complicated for the inexperienced person to workout

Pros of using convection method

  • You can control the temperature a better way
  • The herbs are heated in a better way
  • The risk of combustion is really minimized

Cons of using convection method

  • It takes a lot of time to get warmed up
  • If you compare the price range, the convection vaporizers are costlier than the other ones

Which One Shall You Choose?

Before you decide on which device to choose depending on the heating method, you need to understand one thing very carefully. Each and every heating method can result in combustion. Yes, it is entirely true, if you are unable to control the heat, your vape pen will eventually become a combustion device. But if you are sure you can control the heat, then only you can decide which one to choose.

If you think it straight, the convection will be the best choice. With minute temperature control, even heating and superior quality vape, you can surely rely on the convection heating method.

But if you compare the other properties, you might find the conduction method vaporizers are also useful. Some of the conduction vaporizers are really good with lesser size, low price range, and a better warm up duration.

So, basically, when you are choosing a vape pen, you need to decide on several things before you can choose. If you are experienced enough to use the convection one, you can surely go with it, but you need to also remember that these vape pens are not going to be portable and you won’t be able to use them as and when you would like. So, these vape pens will be good, but only at home and if you are looking for a fast, quick vaping, you surely need a conduction method vaporizer. This will allow you to vape quickly and also the devices are portable so you will be able to use it as and when you wish.

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